Amber N-R
My partner and I recently purchased a new double wide from Meadows Homes of Lebanon. We started looking for a home in February after finding out we were approved for the loan. Meadows Homes was very upfront about the time it would take to order a new home and have it installed. The process of purchasing a new double wide where you pick your own design choices would take anywhere from 8 months to a year. We had been renting and our landlord told us she wanted to sell the property. She gave us until May to find a new home. We explained our time frame to Meadows Homes and they met with us to show us the homes within our price range on their lot. They explained that picking a home already on their lot would expedite the closing and installation process. We did have to end up going for a smaller double wide but this home had all of the fancy modern additions that a brand new stick built home would have. It was absolutely gorgeous with upgrades like stainless steel appliances, a modern and beautiful hood range over the stove, a farmhouse sink with a super nice faucet, a massive shower with a huge shower head, farm style doors, wood beams on the ceiling in the living room, flooring that looks as close to real hardwood as you can get, and even a fireplace! It is such a beautiful home. My entire family agrees that it rivals the nicest of stick built Homes! The beautiful home is amazing but that is not even the reason I wanted to leave such a detailed review. While I felt I did have communication issues with my salesperson (granted I probably was a bit of a pest!), I totally praise the Manager, Darrell Dickerson. We were totally upfront on our time frame and told the requested time frame could be done. However, it was inching closer and closer to our move out date for our rental and I was starting to get into a panic about the situation. I have contacted Darrell probably once a day at minimum, probably two or three times on some days, and he listened to me, he was so professional and kind, and he made things happen when I expressed my concerns on time. The community I moved in to had an issue with a busted septic line. This was no fault of Meadows Homes, yet Darrell calls his plumber and has them call my community just to try to help me get everything done. It was like I expressed my concern, and my home was practically finished in maybe 4-5 days! The only reason I am not move in ready is because the plumbing cannot be done until the new septic line is put in by my community, but you best believe that he stays on top of it every single day in order to get me finished up and in my home! He has exceeded my expectations on what customer service should be and I cannot recommend him enough if you are looking for a beautiful home at a price you can actually afford. This Meadows Homes, especially the manager, cares about the customers, their circumstances, and the integrity of the Homes they sell, as well as the installation process!. This entire purchasing experience has caused so much unnecessary stress and he has helped take some of that stress off my shoulders! Our 5-10 year plan includes us using this home as our starter home while we save some money , build our credit, and find some land. We will then transfer into a bigger 4 or 5 bedroom double wide. You best believe when we hit that goal the first person we will call to purchase that home is Darrell Dickerson from Meadows Homes of Lebanon. (or Wes- he has a dry personality but he knows his stuff in reference to a mobile home purchase) I just want everyone to know that these are genuinely good people that work within a reputable business that you can trust. If you do feel you are having issues, they are so equipped to provide excellent customer service and resolve your concerns in a timely manner. I hope this review helps future buyers and that if it does, you will love and be proud of your new home the same way I am of mine! I will update my review with interior photos once I give it a good cleaning so you can see for yourself what I described in my review.